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Yara Trading Est. was incorporated in 1989 to be the nucleus for a group of businesses that have been organised on the basis of extensive marketing research and the market needs for some outstanding products. The beginning was marked by new ideas for advertising at that time, and having recognised the market needs for natural healthy products, we established the Sewak Al Muslim Laboratory Co. in 1992 as the first laboratory to process and package tooth-sticks in the world, which was considered the starting point of worldwide prevalence by promoting Sewak products for natural dental care. In 2002, Siwak Al Haramain Establishment was incorporated to be associated with Sewak Al Muslim, and to target the product to a certain segment of global markets. Also, Natural Brush Trading Est. was established in 2005 to be a trademark for marketing tooth-sticks in Europe, USA, Russia, Indonesia, and Canada, where the demand has increased for our products, as we have paid attention to secure and meet all the requirements of the market. According to the parameters of the market, Sewak Al Madinah Est. was created to be specialised in the promotion of Sewak at great competitive prices to reach some markets that require a product less expensive. Sewak Al Muslim and Sewak Al Haramain, which are directed to the Saudi market, have been approved in most major markets such as the Danube markets, the Bin Dawood markets, the Farm markets, as well as many pharmacies, of which the Al-Dawaa Pharmacies represent more than 900 pharmacies being the largest at that level in the Kingdom. In addition to our website for selling Sewak internationally www.sewak.online, The product has been approved globally on well-known international marketing websites, such as: ALIBABA.COM / SOUQ.COM / NOON.COM .
and our attention to facilitate the communication with you, we have developed a smartphone App for Sewak, which is the first of its type in the world for Android and IOS software.
With a view to completing our interest in natural products, Yara Trading Est. has been expanded and a branch was established in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2017 under the name Yara Investment Co., of which the aim is to obtain honey products of Honey Spoon for Trading Est. established in 2018 to produce the honey products in a modern and sophisticated way leading the product to prevail quickly, and for our facilities to be close to the places of production, as a large portion of the honey is brought from special apiaries in Kashmir. Thus, we equipped the honey packaging plant in 2018 in our new branch called Yara Trading Est. for Importing and Exporting in Delhi, India, where we package the Honey Spoon products, and in order to complete the work at an international standard, we have got the world quality certificates ISO, organic certificate, in addition to the Halal product certificate.
Honey is exported directly from our branch in India, accompanied by the certificate of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India FSSAI. After the approval of Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), the product has been imported to KSA and its promotion started across the Kingdom and GCC. The product is now available at most markets, Danube and Bin Dawood markets chains, as well as marketing Honey Spoon online through our website: www.honeyspoon.net. The product has been approved globally on well-known international marketing websites, such as: AMAZON.IN / ALIBABA.COM / SOUQ.COM / NOON.COM .
In order to facilitate the world marketing of the product, we have been keen to ensure the development of a smartphone App for Honey Spoon that hopefully will be successful.

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